Summary Divorce/Dissolution

A summary divorce/dissolution is the quickest, easiest, and most cost effective way to finalize a divorce.  The process is more straightforward since the couple will decide on how to divide assets and there is mutual agreement to end the marriage.

However, you must fulfill the following qualifications*:


  1. Married for less than 5 years
  2. At least one person must live in California for 6+ months and has lived in the county where they are filing the divorce for 3+ months before filing the action.


  1. Have no minor children born or during relationship or marriage
  2. Have no minor children adopted during relationship
  3. Wife is not pregnant


  1. Neither party has an interest in any real property anywhere
  2. Community property is worth less than $40,000
  3. Separate property worth less than $40,000
  4. Community obligations are less than $6,000
  5. No disagreements about how to divide up community property and debts
  6. Both parties forever give up any right to spousal support from the other

*some of these qualifications may be waived if both of you stipulate to the court that you have resolved some of these key issues.

The benefits to such a divorce include

  1. Obtain divorce within 6 months of filing (fastest way to divorce)
  2. One time flat fee (instead of potentially drawn out court costs)
  3. No court appearances is necessary.

Our Services

We will provide an attorney prepared filing for a Summary Dissolution along with all forms and supporting documents, including a one hour divorce customer service meeting.


Legal Fee $1,000+

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*Legal Fees vary based on complexity of each case, and the above quoted price represents the amount we charge for a typical case.