A marital agreement is a written contract that outlines what will happen in the event of a divorce. The purpose is to protect the marriage from the unforeseen circumstances in the future, which may cause the marriage to dissolve; it also provides you with the power to make important decisions, rather than leaving it up to divorce lawyers and detached judges. A premarital or postnuptial agreement can shield you from debt liability and determine how property will be distributed in the unfortunate event of a divorce. Tsang & Associates can help you negotiate a fair and binding marital contract while explaining your rights for a flat fee. Our attorneys will assess your circumstances and assist you in preparing all the necessary paperwork for a premarital/postnuptial arrangement. Consultations are free and we look forward to speaking with you. 


We will provide attorney representation along with all forms and supporting documents for a binding marital agreement, including complimentary amendments and notary service.

We provide a start to finish service. Your case is safe with us until the case is complete. 


Legal Fee $1,500

Free Consultation

*Legal Fees vary based on complexity of each case, and the above quoted price represents the amount we charge for a typical case. 


Advantages of a Prenuptial Agreement:

  1. Determine how property is divided in the event of separation or divorce;
  2. Protect business assets in the event of separation or divorce;
  3. Determine the payment of alimony in the event of separation or divorce;
  4. Determine how assets will be allocated in the unfortunate event that one spouse passes away.

Advantages of a Postnuptial Agreement:

  1. Determine how much income each spouse will receive;
  2. Determine who shall be responsible for debts accrued before and during the marriage;
  3. Use the postnuptial agreement for a spousal waiver of benefits from a retirement account; and
  4. Specify how property will be divided and distributed in the case of divorce or death.