O-2 and O-3 Accompanying Individuals

O-2 Individual Accompanying O-1

O-2 visa applicants must

  1. Be an integral part to the activity or completion of the production
  2. Have skills for the O-1's work that cannot be replaced by another individual

This visa is typically for trainers, managers, assistants, etc.  However, it can also be filed for multiple beneficiaries if they are assiting the O-1 in the same performance at the same time.

O-3 Family Members

The O-1 visa holder may bring the his/her or the O-2 holder's spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21 years.  They must file under the O-3 non-immigrant status and will typically be granted the same period of stay as the O-1 visa holder. O-3 visa holders are not permitted to work while in the U.S., but are permitted to study.

  1. The corresponding O-1 visa holder of the O-3 visa holder must continue to hold their O-1 status during the duration of the O-3 visa holder's stay;
  2. In order to extend the O-3 status, each family member must apply separately

To obtain the O-3 status, individuals may petition by:

  • Applying for the O-3 at a U.S. consulate in a foreign country or
  • Applying for a change of status if he or she is currently staying in the U.S. under a different visa classification.