Our Process

  1. We consult and answer any questions you may have about eligibility and process.
  2. We prepare an attorney cover letter with all forms and supporting documents.
  3. We review your file to ensure all answers line up and leave no questions of fraud for the USCIS officer.
  4. We offer mock interview training to help you prepare for your interview.


In order to provide you with the best and most accurate consultation, we recommend that you bring as many of the following information/documents as you can to ensure a productive meeting.

Documentation of Alien's Extraordinary Ability:

  1. Resume or curriculum vitae, receipt or major, internationally-recognized award, or
  2. At least three forms of documentation, such as the alien's receipt of nationality or internationally recognized prizes for excellence in the field of endeavor, the alien's membership in associations in the field for which classification is sought, published material in professional or major trade publications or major media, participation on a panel or judgment of the work of others, or evidence of the alien's original scientific, scholarly , or business-related contributions of major significance in the field.

Documentation Regarding Petitioning Employer:

  1. Brochures or other promotional material about the company
  2. Prospectus or annual report
  3. Newspaper or magazine articles about the company

Evidence that the Position Requires the Services of the Alien, such as:

  1. The position requires events, production, or activities that has a distinguished reputation
  2. The services to be performed are in a lead, starring or critical role in an activity for an organization that has a distinguished reputation employing extraordinary persons.
  3. The services primarily involve a scientific or educational project, conference, convention, or lecture sponsored by top organizations.
  4. The services consist of a business project that is appropriate for an extraordinary executive.

Consultation with an appropriate peer group, labor, or management organization regarding the nature of the work to be done and the alien's qualifications is mandatory before a petition for an O-1 classification can be approved.


Legal Fee $7000+*

Free Consultation

*Legal Fees vary based on complexity of each case, and the above quoted price represents the amount we charge for a typical case