Name change is a great way to move forward with a new identity whether it is for social, ideological, or personal reasons. However, going through the court to request a name change can be complicated. With the knowledge and experience of Tsang & Associates, we can help make this process easy. Our attorneys will assess your circumstances and assist you in preparing all of the necessary paperwork to file for your name change. Consultations are free and we look forward to speaking with you.


Our attorney will provide a start to finish services from preparing a complete name change application to attending the court appearance. 

We provide a start to finish service. Your case is safe with us until the case is complete. 


Legal Fee $3000

Free Consultation

*Legal Fees vary based on complexity of each case, and the above quoted price represents the amount we charge for a typical case. 


Purposes: Please see the acceptable and the most common purposes of name change is listed below. 

  1. Taking spouse's name;
  2. Changing to mother's maiden name;
  3. Taking the natural father's name;
  4. Adoption;
  5. Name that better suits the applicant;
  6. Change to professional identity;
  7. Applicant has a cumbersome name;
  8. Applicant desires to adopt an Americanized name.


  1. All applications shall be made to the superior court of the county where the person whose name is proposed to be changed resides;
  2. Anyone can switch to any name with a few exceptions:
    1. Applicant cannot change their name for fraudulent purposes;
    2. Applicant cannot change their name to benefit financially;
    3. Applicant cannot change their name to evade law enforcement;
    4. Applicant cannot change to fictitious names that are protected by copyright, such as Harry Potter.


  1. If the applicant is less than 18 years of age and neither parent of the person is living, then the guardian of some near relative or friend of the person must sign the petition;
  2. If the applicant is 12 years of age or over and is not legally adopted and has been relinquished to an adoption agency, the petition shall be signed by the applicant and the adoption agency;
  3. If the applicant whose name is proposed to be changed is under 18 years of age and the petition is signed by only one parent, the petition shall specify the address, if known, of the other parent, if living.