1. We consult and answer any questions you may have about eligibility and process.
  2. We prepare an attorney cover letter with all forms and supporting documents.
  3. We review your file to ensure all answers line up and leave no questions of fraud for the USCIS officer.
  4. We offer mock interview training to help you prepare for your interview.
  5. We prepare you for your oath ceremony.
  6. We provide and prepare a naturalization handbook.

Tsang and Associates values your dream of becoming a United States citizen and wants to help you with your naturalization process. As an experienced immigration firm, we have a very high success rate.


In order to provide you with the best and most accurate consultation, we recommend that you bring as many of the following information/documents as you can to ensure a productive meeting. 

  1. Copy of your Green Card or Form I-90
  2. Birth certificate of your spouse
  3. Your spouse's Certificate of Naturalization
  4. Your spouse's Certificate of Citizenship
  5. Passport
  6. Marriage certificate
  7. Tax returns of both you and your spouse
  8. Evidence that any previous marriages have ended
  9. Evidence of any prior arrests


Legal Fee $800*

Free Consultation

*Legal Fees vary based on complexity of each case, and the above quoted price represents the amount we charge for a typical case