A legal opinion letter is a formal letter by an attorney verifying the legal status of an individual or entity. Situations that utilize a legal opinion letter include verifying the validity of a company or corporation, verifying a lack of criminal status, and statements on how a judge should rule on a particular legal matter. At Tsang & Associates, we can provide a legal opinion letter for individuals or entities in the state of California. We have written legal opinion letters in a wide range of different circumstances, and our attorneys will assess your circumstances and prepare an authoritative, strong legal opinion letter for you. Consultations are free and we look forward to speaking with you.


Our attorney will prepare and draft a legal opinion letter in addition to reviewing documents to support and construct the letter.



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*Legal Fees vary based on complexity of each case, and the above quoted price represents the amount we charge for a typical case. 


A legal opinion is a formal writing prepared by an attorney expressing their informed understanding of the legal principles generally applicable to a specific transaction or to a particular aspect of such a transaction. A legal opinion is not a guarantee that, in the context of litigation, a court would decide the legal issues opined to in accordance with the conclusions expressed in the legal opinion.

Types of Opinions:

  1. "Clean" Opinions:
    1. Opinions are "absolute" (subject to assumptions, qualifications, etc.);
    2. Substance of opinions usually not legally at issue;
  2. Reasoned Opinions:
    1. No definitive law, or there are issues of fact that cannot be assumed away;
    2. Statement of what attorney believes the law to be, where there is uncertainty;
  3. "De Facto" Opinions:
    1. Written advice;
    2. Attorney prepared or reviewed disclosure materials;
    3. Due diligence reports provided to non-clients;
  4. Audit Responses:
    1. Provides meaningful information to the auditors by identifying overtly threatened and pending claims being handled by the attorney and unasserted claims as to which the client specifically requests comment.

Standard Opinions Offered:

The following list are the common legal opinions we provide:

  1. Corporate Status
  2. Stock Issuance Opinions
  3. Remedies/Enforceability
  4. No Conflicts of Interest
  5. Absence of Litigation.