Allows foreign company executives/managers to transfer to the U.S. on a visa* up to 7 years


While L-1A requirements are similar to EB-1C, an L-1A has lower standards as it is a visa. An L-1A will help (but is not required) you get an EB-1C approval should you choose to apply for permanent residence in the future. Implementing our Keys to Success will help you avoid common Pitfalls associated with the L-1A process.

This classification also allows foreign companies to send executives or managers to the United States for the purpose of establishing a new U.S. office.  Each organization is unique, and thus it is very important for the petitioning U.S. business entity to present specifically tailored evidence to support its particular L-1A petition.

Extensions: You may extend your L-1A visa up to 7 years in increments of 2 (total of 2 extensions).  
Family: You may bring your family on a L-2 visa that will be granted the same period of stay. They may work, study in public school and travel.
Time: This category is available for premium processing.

If you want to learn more or want to take the next step, here is our L-1A process, checklist, and fees.

*L-1A is for temporary visas.  For the permanent resident application for executives and managers, please see our EB-1C services.