I-290B Motion to Reconsider

If you received a denial but believe that your denial was based on an incorrect application of law or policy, you can file a Motion to Reconsider.  Your motion and case will be sent back to the officer that marked your denial for reconsideration.

It is quite possible that late in the afternoon, your case was put into the hands of an officer, who had already analyzed dozens of other cases and laws earlier that day.  Tired and overworked, the officer missed a key point or mismatched a requirement.  Your case was denied - but given a fresh look and some sleep, the officer will approve your case instead.

For a Motion to Reconsider, you must

  1. Establish that the officer based their decision on an incorrect application or policy
  2. Establish that the decision was incorrect based on the evidence in the record of proceedings at the time of the decision

You cannot submit new facts.  If you have new documents, please see Motion to Reopen.  If you wish for a new officer or judge to review your case, please see AAO Appeal.