Allows ministers and religious workers to immigrate to the U.S.

Key Points to Establish

  1. Member of Religious Denomination with U.S. branch: For minimum 2 years before filing
  2. Job Requirements: Full time and compensated
  3. Bona Fide: Geniune religious establishment which may include an on-site inspection
  4. Two Year Requirement: Working for at least 2 years immediately before filing
    • If different organization than intended, both organizations must share a common religious doctrine

The EB-4, although tricky to put together, is great for families since it includes spouses and children accompany or following to join.  Since there may be an on-site interview (see EB-4 Bona Fide), it is essential that the intended organization is prepared and well-informed.

If you want to learn more or want to take the next step, here is our N-400 naturalization process, checklist, and fees.  

*EB-4 is for permanent resident applications.  For the temporary visa for religious workers, please see our R-1 services.