EB-4 Job Requirements

The applicant must be coming to the U.S. to work as a minister or religious worker.  The job must also fulfill the following requirements:

  • Full-Time which is defined as being 35+ hours a week
  • Renumeration which can be salaried or non-salaried.  Examples of non-salaried include:
    • Room and Board, Housing Allowance
    • Medical, Health, and Life Insurance
    • Travel Expenses
    • Paid Holiday, Vacation, and Sick Days
    • If self-supporting, documentation must be provided.


A minister must be someone who:

  1. Is fully authorized by a religious denomination and trained by that denomination's standards to conduct worship and other duties
  2. Is not a lay preacher or someone that performs clergy services
  3. Performs ministerial activities
  4. Works solely as a minister, although this may include ministerial administrative duties

Religious Worker

A religious worker must be someone who:

  1. Has duties which primarily relate to a traditional religious function and be well-recognized as a religious occupation by the denomination
  2. Has duties which primarily relate inculcating or carrying out the religious occupation within the denomination
  3. Does not have duties that are primarily administrative or support

Religious study or training is not sufficient to show that the applicant is a religious worker.