EB-4 Bona Fide

Bona Fide means to be genuine.  

To qualify for an EB-4, the applicant must be coming to work for:

  • A bona fide non-profit religious organization in the U.S.
  • A bona fide organization that is affiliated with the religious denomination in the U.S.

On-Site Inspection

If the intended organization has not been yet established as bona fide, there may be an on-site inspection, interview with government officials, or request for other proof such as donations and pictures.  USCIS may or may not notify the petitioner/beneficiary of such an interview, so it is best that the organization is prepared for it regardless.

An on-site inspection will consist of a government official visiting the any of the organization's locations.  They may request some of the following:

  • A tour of the organization's facilities
  • An interview with the organization's officials or anyone the official deems important
  • A review of selected organization records for immigration law compliance

If USCIS deems that an on-site inspection is necessary, satisfactory completion of this process with be an approval condition.  We at Tsang and Associates will give you the necessary information and training to make it a successful process.