Allows foreign company executives/managers to transfer to the U.S. as permanent residents*


  1. Employed abroad for at least one out of 3 years at a related company
  2. U.S. Petitioner Employer that is related to the previous company abroad
  3. Have and will be in a managerial or executive capacity

While EB-1C requirements are similar to L-1A, the EB-1C has higher standards as they are eligible for permanent residence rather than a temporary visa. Implementing our Keys to Success will help you avoid common Pitfalls associated with the EB-1C process.

This classification is a fantastic way for up and coming businesses abroad to expand into the U.S. market.  It allows businesses to transfer managers or executives with direct knowledge of the company's operations to the U.S. in order to establish a new branch of subsidiary.  Although it is not required, having previously lived in America under the L-1A status will significantly help your EB-1C case.

Each organization is unique in terms of internal organization, the products manufactured, or the services provided. Thus it is very important for the petitioning U.S. business entity to present specifically tailored evidence to support its particular EB-1C petition.

If you want to learn more or want to take the next step, here is our EB-1C process, checklist, and fees.  You can also check out our FAQ for EB-1C.

*EB-1C is for the permanent resident application.  For the visa for executives and managers, please see our L-1A services.