Our Process

  1. We consult and answer any questions you may have about eligibility and process.
  2. We will help you obtain well-drafted expert opinion letters
  3. We will prepare an attorney cover letter along with all forms and supporting documents 


In order to provide you with the best and most accurate consultation, we recommend that you bring as many of the following information/documents as you can to ensure a productive meeting. 

Supporting Documents of Beneficiary

  1. Resume or curriculum vitae
  2. References from peers
  3. Copies of degrees and their respective transcripts
  4. Certificates of beneficiary's reward
  5. Grants received for research
  6. Patent applications or awards from research
  7. Copies of any publications currently in international circulation
  8. Copies of Science Citation Index showing the publications have been cited by others
  9. Confirmation of service on a Master's or Doctoral thesis review panel
  10. Evidence of the reviewed articles for publication in a journal
  11. Evidence of presented research at international conferences
  12. Proof of work experience
  13. Evidence of high salary
  14. Employment offer and agreement from U.S. employer
  15. Working programs after entering the U.S.

Supporting Documents of U.S. University

  1. Brief overview of the organization
  2. Employee records (staff listings)
  3. Organization chart
  4. Financial resources of the institution
  5. Financial statements for the last three years
  6. Tax returns for the last three years


Legal Fee $5,000

Free Consultation

*Legal Fees vary based on complexity of each case, and the above quoted price represents the amount we charge for a typical case.