Allows those with extraordinary ability to immigrate* to the U.S.

Extraordinary ability is defined as "the small percentage of individuals who have risen to the very top of their field of endeavor".  The bar for this visa is high, but our dedicated EB-1A team will help you package your resume to fit each requirement.

Key Points to Establish

  1. Extraordinary Ability: Sustained National or International Acclaim and Recognition
  2. Seeks to Continue Work in Area of Extraordinary Ability
  3. Substantial Benefit to the U.S.

Unlike other applications, EB-1A are open to applicants from any field as long as they are the best at what they do.  A total of 40,000 visas are allotted for this type alone, plus any unused EB visas.  We highly recommend that if your field is applicable, you file a EB-2(A/B) and NIW consecutively to increase your chances of success.

The major benefits of this case type includes not needing an employer to petition for you (no job offer is required), a much faster processing time as opposed to other EB-based petitions, and automatic immigration for immediate family members.

If you want to learn more or want to take the next step, here is our EB-1A process, checklist, and fees. If you're unsure as to whether or not you are at the very top of your field, contact us for a free consultation.

*EB-1A is for permanent resident applications.  For the temporary visa for aliens of extraordinary ability, please see our O-1 services.