At Tsang & Associates, we offer contested, uncontested, and special circumstance divorce services.

Contested Divorce

Also known as Divorce Litigation or Single Party Representation, Contested Divorce is for those who cannot come to an agreement and needs to take the divorce to court. This includes situations where one person wishes for a divorce, while the other person does not.

Uncontested divorce

Our specialty, Uncontested Divorce is second easiest method and suitable for those who are in agreement.  The attorney will represent both of you.

If you are not yet in agreement but would like to be, consider doing Mediation first, where the attorney acts as neutral ground and helps both parties settle legal disagreements.

Special CIRCUMSTANCe Divorce


Summary Divorce is the quickest, easiest and cost effective way to finalize a divorce.  You may wish to see if you qualify before turning to other divorce services.

Missing Spouse Divorce is for those who cannot find their spouse but wish to complete a divorce.



We understand that divorce is a complicated, time and energy consuming process.  Here at Tsang & Associates, we wish to make the process as easy and tailored to your needs as possible.  

That is why we specialize in Mediation.  

Mediation is why many clients choose us to represent them in a divorce.  Mediation can:

  1. Lead a Contested Divorce into an Uncontested Divorce
  2. Help both parties who want to be in agreement, but have yet to find terms they both agree on

This can save all parties involved a lot of hassle and headaches.