If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.  Below, we have listed information regarding the different type of consultations we provide.


Initial Consultation

Cost: Free In Person Consultation

Time: 30 minutes

Goals: Answer any questions you may have about your case.  We always recommend bringing documents (see checklist under T&A process for each case type) and having clear questions to make the best use of time.


Legal OPINION Consultation

Cost: $300 Per Hour (Fee Transferable to Case*)

Time: 1 Hour

Goals: Review your documents and come up with a personalized plan for you.  

Great for:

  1. Initial deposit to learn a whole area of law and about your case without committing to full engagement.
  2. Only need help with one minor area (i.e. business plan) but you want confirmation.

*If you later decide to retain us for the entire case, the cost of the legal opinion may be deducted from the legal fee for the case.