Challenges: At the time of the report, Mr. Smith was 80 years old.  The divorce was decades ago, and Mr. Smith did not wish to wait 9 months for a new divorce filing.

A recent interesting success story at Tsang & Associates involved quite a bit of detective work uncovering the divorce records of U.S. citizen Mr. Smith*, who hoped to petition for his current wife, Mrs. Lopez; this proved no easy task. This was due to the fact that, unfortunately, Mr. Smith’s ex-wife had filed for the divorce, and he had no knowledge of where she was, or where she filed for the divorce. The only information he had available was an old high school reunion yearbook. Moreover, obtaining government records such as this with little knowledge of their whereabouts typically takes copious amounts of time, time that Mr. Smith, who was diagnosed with a terminal illness, did not have.

In this unfortunate circumstance, Mr. Smith and Mrs. Lopez reached out to Tsang & Associates in the hopes that we could track down that elusive divorce record. Tsang & Associates immediately enlisted the help of a private investigator, who was able to locate several potential addresses of the ex-wife, but not the divorce document itself. Our attorney then sent letters to each of the different addresses, hoping to reach Mr. Smith’s ex-wife.


Fortunately, we received email correspondence from the ex-wife, and after a phone call and a discussion on dogs, we were able to locate the divorce records so Mr. Smith and Mrs. Lopez could be rest assured that their petition would be approved. The firm was excited to take part in such interesting work, and is greatly pleased to have located the documents from a single high school reunion yearbook.

*Name has been changed to protect client identity.