• Applicant: Researcher in Education
  • Nationality: Taiwanese (Republic of China)
  • Degree: Ph.D in Comparative and International Education
  • Awards: 11
  • Association Memberships: 14
  • Scholarly Works: 15 Books, 8 Book Chapters, 44 Journal Articles & More
  • Featured in Numerous Articles
  • Sat on the Editorial Board of Many Journals
  • Challenges:
    • No Recommendation Letters
    • Self Sponsored
    • Contributions were overseas
    • Contributions were relatively old

Dr. Wong* filed for EB-1A petition as an alien of extraordinary ability for her expertise in the field of education, primarily in the research of progressive instructional practices and policy. Her work has impacted the education realm greatly and contributed to a better educational experience for students.

Keys to Success

Dr. Wong’s case was challenging because she was self-sponsored and had no recommendation letters to help support her case; recommendation letters are normally critical to the success of the filing. Thus, in order to really highlight her strengths, we supplied great amounts of primary documentary evidence of her various achievements and what they signified in her field. Our EB-1 legal team in both our United States and Taiwan locations conducted research on each award and each scholarly work, verifying the credibility and distinguished nature of each despite the fact that not all the awards she received were international or national in scope. For example, not only did we discuss Dr. Wong’s receipt of two Fulbright scholarships, but the prestige of the Fulbright program in academia overall. As a whole, we submitted over 1,000 pages of work to support Dr. Wong's case.

Dr. Wong’s case was initially issued a request for evidence (RFE) that asked for further documentation regarding published materials featuring Dr. Wong. To respond to this, we not only provided every instance that Dr. Wong and her work were featured in the media, but we also showed the significance of the article and the distinguished reputation of the media outlet publishing the article. This helped prove that Dr. Wong was featured in major media of a distinguished type. Even though her contributions were made over 5 years prior and that her contributions were in Taiwan, we demonstrated that her works in Taiwan connected to and addressed the broken education present in the United States, further supporting the impact of her work in the United States.

The RFE also requested evidence regarding the associations of which Dr. Wong was a member. In order to prove that Dr. Wong clearly met this category, we provided evidence of Dr. Wong’s membership in numerous reputable organizations through membership cards and the associations' bylaws.

Additionally the RFE requested evidence that Dr. Wong’s work as an editor at peer-reviewed journals went beyond that which was normal for someone in her field. To demonstrate this, we provided the impact factors of the journals, as well as showed that she had worked for several leading publishers. On top of this, we provided information regarding every instance a journal had solicited Dr. Wong for her editing expertise.


Our client's EB-1A petition was approved.

*Name has been changed to protect client identity