• Applicant: Postdoctoral Fellow in HIV
  • Nationality: Chinese
  • Degree: Ph.D in Hormone and Cancer
  • Awards: 2
  • Association Memberships: 2
  • Scholarly Works: 15 Journal Articles
  • Time: 7 months
  • Challenges:
    • Few awards, articles, and association memberships
    • Youth resulting in less publications

Dr. Wong* filed for EB-2A petition as an advanced degree professional of exceptional ability with a request for a National Interest Waiver due to his expertise in the field of human diseases. His latest work was regarding breast cancer and HIV.

Keys to Success

Initially, we were concerned that Mr. Wong had relatively few awards, articles, and association memberships due in part to his youth. However, by focusing on the importance of his work, we were able to demonstrate that he was indeed qualified for a National Interest Waiver. We were able to distinguish his contributions from the works of others, indicating that his work was relatively more significant than others'. For example, we lauded Dr. Wong’s work as critical for battling breast cancer; he studied the risk factors, potential treatments, and the prevention of breast cancer development. Through his work, Dr. Wong discovered dietary elements for breast cancer prevention and further studied existing treatments for breast cancer, the results of which were published in peer-reviewed journals. Additionally, we focused on the impact of his work on HIV. For example, we discussed how Dr. Wong’s work included investigating possible HIV drug discoveries, and that he had developed a promising new approach of high throughput screening to overcome AIDS. We linked both his accomplishments in breast cancer and HIV to the needs of the American public by providing statistics regarding the fatality of each disease, ultimately proving the weight of his work on society.

Additionally, we were concerned that Dr. Wong did not have a substantial amount of journal articles written for a research scientist. In order to overcome this, we submitted evidence of the 18 abstracts and 5 symposium presentations that Dr. Wong authored. We then noted that Dr. Wong’s work was cited in other peer-reviewed journal articles numerous times leading to even greater outcomes and improvements in the battle against breast cancer. Thus, we were able to establish that though Dr. Wong did not quantitatively have a large body of work, the quality of his work was so great as to be very influential.


Our client's EB-2 petition was accepted and approved in 7 months.

*Name has been changed to protect client identity.